The Benefits of Professional Car Detailing

It’s always nice when your car is sparkling, but for many people, cleaning their car means either taking it to a car wash and valet or grabbing a bucket, some soapy water and a sponge and doing it themselves. However, in order to truly keep your vehicle in pristine condition, professional detailing is an invaluable service. In this article, Oaks Services will look at the benefits of having your car professionally detailed.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a step beyond the average clean and valet of a car. Car detailing is when someone takes care of all the minor imperfections on your vehicle to make it look its absolute best. Every inch of the car is cleaned with specialist products and techniques – residues are removed, vents are cleaned, and the interior is given the most in-depth treatment. Even engine bays can be polished and cleaned – it’s truly the most comprehensive cleaning service you can give your car.

Resale value

If you’re looking to sell your car, whether you’ve recently upgraded, you’re looking for some extra cash or you want to make the most of an uptick in your car’s value, then detailing is key. Your car will look its absolute best in front of potential buyers, with no nicks, scratches or other blemishes that could otherwise take a chunk out of the sale price.

Increasing the longevity of your vehicle’s paintwork

When your car is worked on by a professional detailing company, they don’t just buff the outside of your car. The paintwork is given a thorough clean – even embedded contaminants like dirt and oil particles are removed – and then it’s thoroughly polished to remove even the faintest of streaks. The car is then given a wax coating to prolong the look of the paintwork, ensuring your car looks better for longer.

Your car’s interior will be more welcoming

Whilst a regular valet can make your car’s interior look fresh, professional detailing services offer the deepest of interior cleans. Detailers use the best possible brushes, vacuums, car shampoos and more to ensure that every corner, every pocket, every seam of your car’s interior is thoroughly treated. Even the AC vents will be looked after! There’s no transformation quite like an interior detailing.

It makes maintenance easier

Thanks to all the work that goes into car detailing and the high-quality products used by professional detailers, you won’t need to worry as much about cleaning your own car. As we’ve mentioned, freshly detailed paintwork holds its shine and cleanliness for much longer, and the interior is deep cleaned to such an extent that it’ll be a while before you need to clean it yourself again.

It can bring an older car back to life

If you own an older vehicle – a collector’s item, a special vintage car, or simply a car you’ve had for a while – then a professional detailing service can ensure it’s restored to showroom-level standards. For example, the paintwork of a 1950s Mercedes might have faded or seen some imperfections over the years, but a professional detailing service can restore it to its former glory and ensure it’s protected for years to come. Vintage interiors can be deep cleaned and brought back to life, and older alloys can be given that factory sparkle.

If you’re looking to give your car a bit of special treatment, then professional detailing is an excellent choice. Even if you feel your car looks good as it is, you’ll really see the difference after a professional detailing service.

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